Save time and money on plant and equipment downtime with LoVen vinyl thread protection

Anything that can reduce the downtime of plant and machinery, especialy in environmentally challenging and dirty conditions, is of interest to plant managers and engineers. However, there is one small area that is often overlooked that can impact greatly on downtime that is liberally the nuts and bolts of the equipment.

In order to strip and access certain areas the engineer will almost always need to deal with threaded fasteners. Often these fixings are left exposed and become covered in dirt and corrosion. Needless additional time can be wasted on cleaning down or treating corroded threads with freeing agents that require time to work.

Dip moulded solution

A simple and extremely cost effective solution is the fitting of vinyl thread protection caps and sleeves to shield the fixings from the build up of dirt and protect them from the elements.

One of the attractions of dip moulding is the relatively small outlay for custom tooling meaning that special caps and sleeves can be produced for any size and configuration of fixings very economically. The process allows for different wall thicknesses to be produced from the same tooling being of benefit in areas where threaded studding poses a hazard of injury to the engineer in confined spaces.

LoVen vinyl thread protection

LoVen Special Products BV are Europes leading manufacture of custom dip mouldings and have an extensive experience in the application of custom vinyl mouldings throughout industry.

For further information and advice on how vinyl thread protectors could be making you savings in both time and money contact LoVen.